Why Radnode?
Why Radnode?
Welcome to Radnode.
A first-class Radix DLT validator and staking platform.
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  • RN-0 A
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  • RN-0 B
  • RN-MON
Why Radnode?
Hardened nodes are comprised of high quality, bare-metal hardware and operate in multiple availability zones.
Over a decade of professional full stack software development and sysadmin experience.
Strict server maintenance, redundancy and fallback protocols are firmly in place.
24 hour monitoring and instant inconsistency / issue detection alerts to ensure maximum node availability.
DDoS mitigation and multi-region server tenancy.
Qualified and selected as a node runner under the Radix Betanet Programme.
Multiple channels of communication with regular updates to keep you in the loop.
Active member of the Radix DLT community.
Earnings will be reinvested into continually ensuring optimal node service, developing tools for the delegators and the Radix community.
Fully KYC'd by the Radix Foundation.
Low 0.75% fee.
Delegate Stake
Thank you for showing interest in delegating with Radnode. Please feel free to delegate your stake to the following addresses:
Radnode - RN0 (Europe)
Fee: 0.75%
Partner Nodes
Radix encourages delegators to stake in a distributed fashion. With this in mind, Radnode has partnered up with other KYC'd node runners with a great community presence and track record:
Radstakes (radstakes.com)
Fee: 2%
RadUp (radup.io)
Fee: 1.95%
Disclaimer: Radnode is not responsible for or affiliated with any of our partners' operations, infrastructure or performance, therefore, Radnode is not liable for subsequent losses incurred as a result of partner outages or operational decisions.
Q4 2021
Detailed node stats account area and platform. (Closed beta testing)
Q2 2022
Support Hub
Riffle staking platform development (beta).
Q3 2022
Riffle delegator platform release.
Q4 2022
Riffle node runner tools release.
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